The right person for the right job

Benefit from an all-encompassing approach to attracting exceptional talent.
We offer pioneering staffing solutions that save valuable time and resources and are cost efficient, while remaining exceptionally efficient thanks to innovative methodology and exclusive access to proprietary databases of top professionals in the hospitality industry.

Candidate Matching

We ensure that we connect you with the ideal candidates for every available position in your hotel.
By leveraging pioneering talent search methods and advanced matching algorithms, we identify the most suitable individuals based on their character, skills, experience, and qualifications, ensuring an excellent candidacy that perfectly fits your culture and corporate identity.
Our experienced team utilizes multiple criteria to provide you with high-quality candidates.

Candidate Sourcing -
Job Advertising

Save valuable time by avoiding the time-consuming process of advertising positions, sifting through dozens of resumes, and conducting countless interviews.
Our team specializes in identifying and attracting top candidates through multi-channel talent sourcing methods.
Trust us to present you with a comprehensive and vetted list of experienced professionals who meet the requirements of the position and are the ideal choice to strengthen your company.

Screening and Selection - Conducting interviews

Dedicate your valuable time exclusively to your important business activities. Your involvement will only be required in the final stages of the selection process.
With extensive experience in talent evaluation, our team will conduct thorough screening and assessment of all candidates to ensure they fully meet the specific criteria and requirements of the position.
After rigorous interviews, skills assessments, and background checks, we will present to you only the most suitable and exceptional candidates.

Extensive Database

Gain access to our extensive database, which includes resumes of hundreds of experienced mid-management and senior-level executives from every corner of the hotel industry. We specialise in sourcing talented professionals for leadership roles and department heads, as well as experienced assistants for all hotel departments, from reception to finance. Our database is continuously expanding with new candidates.

Trust us to build your dream hotel team...

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